22 May 2014

Read these characteristics slowly & carefully before you read further. Why? In my opinion, they describe what makes both a successful estate agent, as well as a successful property investor.

To work with the biggest asset most people will ever buy or sell in their lifetime takes a careful, cautious approach to avoid many of the pitfalls and mistakes people make. These character traits are therefore vital to the property investor. They are just as important to have as the character traits of the real estate agents who deal with other peoples money & real estate decisions. That is why I say: "Cautious & Conservative by nature."

It is however equally important, for both the real estate agent, as well as the successful property investor to be dynamic and driven. This drive and the dynamic approach required in the real estate industry is vital. Both need to be constantly & consistently in touch with the cutting edge of technology, need to think out of the box, try new techniques and change with the times constantly. To be driven & dynamic takes a conscious, pro-active approach and often does not come naturally, especially for those who are cautious & conservative in character. That is why I say: "Driven & Dynamic by design."

This is how I think of myself: "Cautious & Conservative by nature, Driven & Dynamic by design.

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